The different types of natural pools that we can build in your garden or farm.

In this type of simple construction, 2/3 of the water surface is used for the regeneration or plant area. The main feature is the lush plantation of water lilies, and aquatic and underwater purifying plants. No type of technique is used and the biological balance is what regulates the quality of the water. Visibility varies depending on the time of year. Since sedimentation accumulates at the bottom, this type of pool is usually made with a depth greater than 2 m. Otherwise, when swimming, everything would be removed and the water would become cloudy. Lots of nature, lots of plants and animals. In spring the water is cloudy for a longer time due to the formation of algae. Throughout the year the nutrients are increased. For this reason the "Biomass" must be cleaned 1 to 2 times a year. This means that you have to clean the bottom and remove the remains of the plants. It is a system that stabilizes biologically after years, but requires little work at the time of the project and a low energy cost.
In this type of simple construction, 2/3 of the water surface is used for the Regeneration zone. The main feature is the lush plantation of water lilies, cattails and aquatic and marsh plants. This type of pool is similar to Type 1 with the exception that it has a small pump that circulates the water. It does not need so much surface and it has the advantages of the previous one.
This type of pool is the most built. Approximately 30% of the total surface is of plants. This type has at least one floating skimmer and at least one powerful pump, which generates a stream of water on the surface. The pump is running approx. 6-12 hours and thanks to the skimmer we save the collection of leaves and other plant debris that are converted into nutrients. The water surface is clean and sedimentation is very scarce, since hardly any biomass is generated at the bottom. In this type of construction, vertical walls are often used to separate the floor area from the bathroom area. The depth does not have to be great, it can be done according to our needs or preferences (approx 1.50 m - 1.60 m). You can use a special automatic pool cleaner for natural pools.
The regeneration zone is in this type of construction less than 1/3 of the total surface of Water. Plants practically have a decorative function. Special filters, pumps, skimmer are used. The system is easily controlled and we do not usually have problems with algae. The regeneration area is only decorative. The total price of this work is much higher and also the economic maintenance, since the pump is of greater power.

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