The Natural Pool is based on the purification of wateer through aquatic plants, which accelerate the growth of beneficial microorganisms that balance the water.

The natural pool is ideal for nature lovers who want to enjoy the scenery in your own garden. It is a pleasure to be enjoyed throughout the year.

To have this little ecosystem is very important to create it right the first time. It is essential to get the perfect combination of the desires of the individual and the choice of technique and suitable plants.

The Natural Pools business in Spain is very innovative, but in Germany, Austria and Switzerland is no longer a novelty. These pools are over 20 years working perfectly.

In Spain, with appropriate adaptation techniques and characteristic climate plants get the same results. Already in Mallorca, also in Portugal (mainly south) is working perfectly and from more than 10 years. It is important to take into account the type of plant, the appropriate amount and ratio, etc.

Enjoy your ecologic pool

for a lot less than what you imagine.

Save time and money on products for your pool.

In the early '80s, Paul Schwedtke got tired of the conventional pool type. Chemical products irritated the skin and eyes, and the construction itself was somewhat not blending in with the garden, somewhat sterile.

Thus arose the first natural pool.

This keeps your water clear and only if you look closely, recognizing the shape of the old pool.

No water has been changed and no mud.

The pool is in complete harmony with its surroundings.

In Germany and Austria the natural pools are booming, in fact many old are changing by natural swimming pools due to the allergic problems that cause the chlorine and chemicals.

Leif Design Natural Pools

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