Advantage and Disadvantage of natural pools

piscinas naturales

Advantage of natural pool

  • Cleaning naturally.
  • Low maintenance, once regulated and balanced the system.
  • No chemicals that cause allergies and alter the skin and eyes.
  • Iindividually created and as needed.
  • Enjoy year-round. Obviously you see a pool, understand why!.
  • Does not break the harmony of the garden.
  • No need to change the water.
  • Being the natural pool so introduced in the European market, there is a solution and product for every problem.
  • It is not new by any means. In Germany, Austria, Italy, Portugal, etc.. Have more than 20 years, Portugal over 10.

Disadvantages of biopools

  • The water is crystal clear from day one, but you can speed up the process with a special filter.
  • The groung needs to be cleaned once a year.
  • As an ecosystem, we do not control it 100% as with a chlorine tablet. It is a somewhat variable.
  • There are people who hate any bug and if it is true that we have some frog. In public pools in Germany to avoid this, completely separates the swimming area of the plants.
piscina ecologica

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