Basics of swimming ponds and natural pools

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Basics of

swimming ponds and natural pools

The natural pool is a combination of conventional pond and pool. Unlike conventional pool, the naturally adapts and integrates harmoniously into the landscape and garden.

Biologically purifies water and no chemicals that attack our skin and cause allergies. Unlike a pond where we can swim, the natural pool is a clear separation between what is the bathing area and plant regeneration zone. These two areas have a certain size, depending on the plants and preparation technique that we will use.

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between swimming pound and natural pool

The difference between these types of pools explain them below.

Natural pool water is a German called "Living Water", for this reason they are complex. The planning and execution of a work of this "biotope" is about knowing the natural relationship between water, flora and fauna and learn respect.

Logically, the customer will be put in your individual project, but is fundamental to the long-term functioning of the same knowing exactly the ideal combination in each case.

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¿How does work a natural pool?

The Natural Pool is based on waste water plants, which accelerate the growth of beneficial microorganisms that create a balance in the water.

For this we create a regeneration zone which has aquatic plants. This area is separated from the bathroom area and connected by a water pump in a circuit complements cerrado.Este small streams, waterfalls and fountains. See our works

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