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Frequently asked questions on natural pools

Do not hesitate to contact us regarding natural pools. We will be delighted helping you.

They range from very small to cool off after the sauna, to municipal thousand meters and larger.

These larvae will be preyed upon by natural enemies such as dragonflies, frogs or fish and in a very short time.

It is advisable not to have fish, but could put to accelerate the initial process. Frogs, if they come, come alone and stay in the regeneration zone and around the pond, not in the bathroom area.

It is filled once and only needs refilling water evaporating, especially in the summer and warm days. With strong wind and depending on the size, it can reach 4cm.

The water plant is regenerated with the regeneration zone. Depending on the natural pool, use a pump that absorbs water from the swimming area, the purified plant and returned to the pool area with circulation by pequños streams for example.

Plants endure the winter without problems. Lose their leaves in autumn or stay dry at first bloom and sprout again all. It really is the most beautiful time of spring.

At first, the water may turn green algae because, once regulated water remains clear. Although lately we are not having any pool that go through this process. To overstate our pools with plants, they act from the start leaving water ready for your bath from the start.

During the summer, onhot days, fill the pool to the edge plants continue to receive their water supply.

In autumn must rake leaves that fall into the water. For this you can buy a special network for natural pools, but aesthetically it breaks a little vision. In winter there is the problem of freezing and snowfall. This problem can tackle with a little icebreaker.

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